Sales Management Software

Sales Management Software

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sales management software

Order information is available at your fingertips, from the sales quotes through the shipping process, including order status, scheduling details, inventory availability, shipment tracking, invoicing and more. Additionally, customer service is extended with 24/7 web access that empowers your customers with sales, quote and inventory information through the DevsERP.

Sales management software tools include:

Quoting and Estimating

The quote is developed based on true, expected costs, material price comparison, tooling and equipment amortization, and more. Once approved, the quote can quickly be converted into a BOM and sales order with the click of a button.

  • Flexible inventory interface allows the user to use existing master inventory items and price breaks or create items on the fly that are not part of the master inventory.
  • Unlimited quote routings enable quote price optimization through price & cost comparison, flexible mark-up capacity, unlimited price breaks, and variable markup capabilities.
  • RFQ log allows users to manage and track quotes online and through a series of reports.
  • Create “quote only” customers on the fly without affecting the master customer file.
  • Flexible commission calculations allow multiple commission levels based on the part and the sales person selected.
  • Create custom, user-defined quote forms in Excel or Word for data that is to be exported on a regular basis.
  • Add and plan single level raw materials or blends that are not a part of the master inventory.
  • Include excess material (i.e. scrap, regrind, waste, skeleton) calculations for more accurate consumption estimating.
  • Create quotes for family (set) or individual items.
  • Modify inventory costs for quoting purposes without affecting the master inventory.
  • Link unlimited parts into a single quote.
  • Link unlimited packaging and inserts into a quote to cover all costs.
  • “What if” scenarios modify mark up rates on the fly to take advantage of various schemes.
  • Send quotes via fax, printer, email or the web.
  • Create quotes for multiple manufacturing types (manufactured, outsourced, assembly, etc).

Sales Orders

The DevsERP’s Sales  Management software allows users to create and manage sales orders from a single screen.

  • Built in Available-to-Promise (ATP) and Capable-To-Promise (CTP) feature analyzes both open orders and inventory when building work orders, ensuring only parts needed (as indicated on the quotation) are produced
  • Extensive commission and sales analytic tools help identify sales trends and profitability by product, business unit, customer and sales person
  • Quick and easy order entry with pull down menus and previous order history including, ship-to, bill-to, pricing/quantity discounts, and more
  • Flexible pricing and discount options including customer specific pricing, tier pricing and other discount terms
  • Cumulative or blanket release management to support the most stringent automotive, medical, and other industry requirements. Includes cumulative release and R.A.N./KanBan number tracking
  • Unlimited bill-tos, and ship-tos with multiple delivery scheduling per one sales order and even one sales order release
  • Each order can contain a combination of taxable, nontaxable, miscellaneous, and commission based items
  • Credit card processing of payments taken through the sales order department or submitted electronically via the web portal
  • EDI functionality allows importing of sales orders and releases automatically or flagged according to user defined flexibility rules
  • Complete Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) with links to CAR/CAPA, ECOs, and MRB
  • Warranty tracking
  • Complete credit management tools monitors credit limits, credit holds and other hold conditions
  • Color-coding for quick visual recognition and links to immediate shipping and invoicing information make customer service easy.
  • Turn orders into pick tickets, packing slips or invoices with a single click or generated later individually or in a batch.


Shipping and Distribution Management

DevsERP’s sales management software Ensure you have all the tools and information to manage your shipments and meet strict shipping requirements on time and under budget.

  • Streamline the complete order shipping process for both domestic and international operations
  • Meet shipping delivery dates 100% of the time
  • Eliminate shipping errors
  • Control shipping costs
  • Respond instantly and accurately to customer delivery status requests
  • Track and trace product shipments in real-time

Because of the breadth and cohesiveness that only DevsERP can provide, the Shipping Management process begins with the sales order through manufacturing, into the warehouse and beyond the shipping docks including:

  • Automatic conversion of sales orders to pick tickets ensures accurate shipment information as well as inventory locations and quantities
  • Bill of Lading may be printed for a single packing slip or a single BOL may be created for multiple packing slips
  • Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) generation sends the customer prior notice of shipment details including packing slip information, shipment destination, terms of payment, carton/weight information and more
  • Simplified logistics associated with International shipments with creation of commercial invoices, including multiple currencies, export declarations and NAFTA certificates of origin
  • Container management monitors volume and weight of boxes and pallets that can fit into the container/trailer and automatically recalculates costs as items are added or removed to the pick ticket
  • Certificates of Conformance can be generated automatically and will include the packing slip and BOM and transaction log details
  • Integration with Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows shipping lists to be created from anywhere in the warehouse through hand-held and PDA devices
  • Through the web portals, customers can access real-time shipping details and status


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